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Indie Music On Tap

Apr 19, 2019

There's this video going around on the internets, a Rabbi talking about a crab. As the crab grows out of its shell, that's a process by which you have this crab growing, and pushing up against the wall of the existing shell that they're in and then eventually you know that pain is too much to take, so that the crab has to exit and go find another shell. Instead of seeing that as a negative experience, and feeling constricted, turn that sentiment around and have it be about rebirth. That's all well and good if you're a crab and you can just crawl out of your shell. For humans it is not so easy.

We hear from 

Napkey - Legend:
Henrik von Euler - F-dur:
Kendl - Ella:
Jamie Chambers - This Is Not Me:
imagiro - i woke up and i was happy:
Bhaveek N. Makan - Borivali:
Rob Cawley - Caterpillar:
Junior Knits - Yellowstone Modem:

All audio used in this podcast was either explicitly released for use in this format by the copyright owner (release on file), or recorded on site at CHILLFILTR studios.