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Indie Music On Tap

Apr 4, 2019

What we're going to be talking about today is what happened to the internet. I'm of a generation that grew up before the internet and then it happened to me. HTTP came around and people started building websites; for a couple years people thought it was a fad; brick-and-mortar businesses took a while to even get the memo, of course. We've been through that process, we are now post-process. We have the internet, it is a thing, it rules our world. It's absolutely essential to my way of life both private and business-oriented, I think it is similar for everyone else. What would we do without the internet, I mean I can't even fathom what it would be like to go back to that world where you went to the library if you needed a book and you walked to the room with the phone in it when you needed to make a phone call. 

We hear from:

Franke: Kids -
No Coast: Keep Me Running -
Rén with the Mane: Fool For You -
KING GVPSV: Oceans -
Nicholas Roberts and Wild Pines: I Couldn't Tell -
Hazlett: Fireworks -
Small Hours: Forces -
PHIE: Rage -
Gold Spectacles: Courtside -
Kid Bloom: Does It Make Me Wrong? -
Light Wheel: Answers -
Linney: My Love -

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