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Indie Music On Tap

Jan 11, 2019

I built a music blog from nothing last year. Less than 12 months later, we are getting up to 200 submissions per week, and we average 2 blog features per day. I have heard so much great music this year that I started showcasing my favorite songs. If you want to be featured on this podcast, please visit here.

Today we are talking about how artists are able to define themselves around a song, using the lyrics and the context to create their own sound and personality. We also look at personal dichotomies that can be helpful for anyone to get a handle on some of their own 'mismatch' problems. We discuss the ideas of Malcolm Gladwell, portions of a speech from MLK, and how some things never go out of style.

We hear songs from:

Phil Good -

Leah Capelle -

Old Nobodaddy -

We want to say thanks to all of the artists who were kind enough to let us hear their songs and put them in the podcast.

Please visit CHILLFILTR:TAP to join the conversation and make suggestions.

Thank you for listening.

Krister Axel 

All audio used in this podcast was either explicitly released for use in this format by the copyright owner (release on file), or recorded on site at CHILLFILTR studios.