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Indie Music On Tap

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Oct 7, 2019

So, in the spirit that honesty should come first, I will explain a few things about this podcast: the story of the timing for these episodes, and also of how I got here.

With music from: Brothers Page, The Bergamot, Max McVeety, and EMIAH.

First, it's a bit of a joke: I say these podcasts are weekly, but it's more like...

Sep 8, 2019

This is Krister Axel with Indie Music on Tap, S2E3 - all the important messages are the quietest. We are going to continue discussing the issue of depression and how it affects musicians, and today our focus is going to be on the power of messaging.

The fantasy of better parenting - rule #1: start with gratitude. I...

Aug 26, 2019

Wherein we discuss the importance of finding personal stillness.

Featured music

Hazlett - Suncats

Bad Flamingo - Fire

Henry Hall - Proverbial Ice

Having an emotion is a bit like having a dog. You bring him home, he runs around licking everything, and needs all that attention up front; but eventually he settles down,...

Aug 19, 2019


Featured music:
The Luxury of Being Human: Bring Summer Back
yeardley: wedding preparations in the country
Hello, and welcome to CHILLFILTR Indie Music on Tap, where we discuss issues that affect the indie music community, and we talk about what it is like to be a musician today. We have listeners all over...

May 18, 2019

He is not the disease - we are the disease. He is the symptom. If we want to get rid of Trump, we have to heal ourselves first. He is a product of our own dysfunction as a body politic. This episode we wrap up the season, announce our topic for season 2, and look at great songs that are all examples of personal...