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Indie Music On Tap

Produced by CHILLFILTR®.

Mar 24, 2019

So often you will hear from people, they will ask - am I doing this right? Well the answer that question is yes and no; yes you are doing it right, because there is no way to do anything wrong; but no, you are not doing it right, because you shouldn't be asking the question. So you have two answers, it is both yes and no. And just like math, when you have two answers, that means you are asking the wrong question. The only real question is: who am I? And the answer to that is now. You are now. Once you understand that, you are taking your first step towards zen.


We hear from:
Shane Leonard - Empire Builder -

The Harmaleighs - Sorry, I'm Busy -

Josh Steinhart - Picture on the Wall -

Jenny Kern - Slow Burn -

The King Heat Ensemble - Landslide -

DL Rossi - Good Woman -

Eric Long - Hey Now Baby -

Leah Nobel - Truly Known -

Noah Derksen - What Kind of Love is That -

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