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Indie Music On Tap

Produced by CHILLFILTR®.

May 18, 2019

He is not the disease - we are the disease. He is the symptom. If we want to get rid of Trump, we have to heal ourselves first. He is a product of our own dysfunction as a body politic. This episode we wrap up the season, announce our topic for season 2, and look at great songs that are all examples of personal transformation, through the power of music.

We hear from:

Elaine Cole: Blame It on the Roses -
White Elephant Orchestra: Revolution Superstar -
Alice Gray: Take Me to the Water -
Carter Jnr: Holding On -
Jerad Finck: Home -
Ed Patrick: Blow My Cover -
Luca Vasta: Let Him Go -
Thin Lear: Death in a Field -
Krister Axel: Illuminate the Sky -

All audio used in this podcast was either explicitly released for use in this format by the copyright owner (release on file), or recorded on site at CHILLFILTR studios.